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Old Testament Hope - March 13, 2009

For whatever things were written before were written for our learning, so that we through patience and comfort of the Scriptures might have hope -- Romans 15:4.

In this postmodern world, the average Christian looks for “hope” in the New Testament. We look to the gospels for the words of Jesus and Paul and other New Testament writers for words of grace and comfort. To often, we overlook a very important source of hope and understanding which is found in the Old Testament. The “God” of the Old Testament is considered to be different from the “God” of the New Testament. Anger vs. Love.

This unfortunate belief system is far from the truth. As I read through the Old Testament, I see a God of love, mercy, and hope. I also see a God who is organized, structured, and uncompromising. God tried His best to communicate His love to the people living in Old Testament times, but a large percentage chose to spit in His face and follow after the temptations of the devil (idol worship, pride, murder, adultery, human sacrifices, etc.). And just like any good father, God loving taught His children difficult lessons to draw them closer to Him. All the way through the Old Testament, we can see a “remnant” group of people who chose to love and obey their heavenly Father. I love to read the stories where God’s rebellious children listened to the voice of their prophet and return to God.

If you need hope, try to read the Old Testament with a new understanding. The scriptures in the New Testament times were the Old Testament. These were the scriptures that Jesus studied as He grew up in Nazareth. W.W.J.D.

Reread the above text and have a GREAT day in Jesus!